A Fool’s Book of Wisdom

I’ve been busy. I created my own website. I’d be ever so appreciative if you’d check it out – http://nyasia9.wix.com/nyasiamaire

And although I’ve been busy, I don’t want you to think that I’m not thinking about this blog.

So…I’ve gone into the vault and pulled out an old favorite. A few years back, I wrote a fan fiction story, centered in The Phantom of the Opera universe. At the beginning of each chapter, I included a little ditty. Some of them I borrowed from other authors (and, of course, credited them,) others, I wrote. Here are the ones I wrote…


A Fool’s Book of Wisdom

Truth, like beauty, survives and thrives in the light of day.
Lies live in the darkness, moldering and corrupting all they touch.

Men preach. Women share.
Children create.

Talk — a four letter word. Hear — a four letter word.
Love — a four letter word with infinite meaning.

Is it an exercise in futility to count grains of sand in the wind?
Is this act still futile if it were to save a life?

The faster a person runs from the truth,
the swifter it is to catch them.

A family provides the foundation upon which the soul stands tall.
A soul without firm ground underfoot is doomed to fall.

Laughter is the best release the body can provide
when the option of sex is not available.

Dreams transport one each night to the places needed by the soul
to heal the battering it endures during each day.

Awakening from our dreams
brings us another step closer to realizing them.

The concept of reality is but a philosopher’s supposition.
The true nature of reality exists only in the arms of a lover.

Hearken to the booming thunder as it rumbles across the heavens,
much as the thudding heart of a lover pounds wildly within its breast.

History is a series of colorful events scrawled by men into the dust.
Life soars, daring us to rise above the earth and the choices we make.

Diamonds are for royalty, luscious and rich,
charms for the rest of us to savor each wish.

To travel the world is a pleasure sublime
when the treasure of homecoming is certain in time.

Venus exists outside the realm of mere mortal experience.
She is the transcendent goddess, beyond our mundane perceptions.

Knowledge casts illumination into the darkest corners of the mind,
leaving no hiding place for the despair of ignorance.

Lessons of love are forever kept,
closer to her heart, nearer her sweet breast.

Is life is a series of interesting events we name coincidence? No.
There are no coincidences. Life follows the path of our heart’s own desire.

The premise of control is but an illusion and obtainable only at great cost.
The true secret of control is free, one must only learn to let go to fly.

Yearning is the desire you feel for the one you love.
Longing is the lust you feel when you lie to yourself and call it love.

The rapid beating of the heart cannot overcome
the inertia of unrequited love.

Is it a sin to make love when the lover’s heart is true?
Or, is evil judged by virtue lost and a man’s malevolent grin?

To distinguish a single voice from amidst the roar of the crowd
is a moment of clarity unique in a life otherwise filled with useless noise.

Is it better to wallow for a day in bliss, or wander for a lifetime in woe?
Perhaps, the more apt question, does one really need to ask?

Life is not a carefully woven tapestry, pristine and perfect, but rough and wild.
And, each day we find ourselves ever more entangled within its web.

An ancient evil skillfully sings
of bygone times and broken wings.

Each society clings to the security of its mythos.
But, sometimes beliefs need to change in order that the world may grow.

The perilous tides of deceit do rise,
beckoning precipitous fate with all of its lies.

Desperation results when the impetus compelling action is forced.
Those that despair invite hopelessness and ultimately, lose. Hence, do not despair!

Passion burns beneath the skin.
Evil burns from without to within.

We color the world with the truth of our perceptions.
Without our hearts and our minds to interpret our senses, we perceive nothing.

Hunger is a desire born of need: whether it is of the body or the spirit
depends on the want it feeds.

Where does one uncover the true essence of human nature?
In a tender heart? An avaricious mind? A courageous spirit? Or a jealous soul?

The true test of love lies not in words spoken with passion and poetry,
but in the willingness to sacrifice all without a second thought.


Marriage, a most serious proposition.
The joining of a man and a woman
for the purpose of procreation.
Blessed by God,
taxed by governments
ridiculed by comics the world over.


if you are the dreamer,
am i the dream?
if you are the singer,
am i the song?
walking down the path of life,
a million different turns.
each one another chance,
another dance for us to learn
if you are the face,
am i your reflection?
if you are the lover,
am i your love?


i lay in bed
but not asleep
i lay trapped deep within this torturous dread
my body full of poison
my mind full of demons
i lay awake and yet i was dreaming
a book of poetry
lay next to me
a wondrous enchantment of shadows and themes
my soul full of sorrow
my heart full of song
a world created here
all tattered and wrong
your eyes are windows
but not to your soul
gazing through them
but never taking them whole
and all the while
no one but no one
ever finishes this
their song


amid dreams of green and gold
and spinning flowers on the breeze
i drift along and wait
for something i never see

alone in the silence i wander
floating far away from home i wait
to hear heaven’s voice
touch me with its song


Lucifer’s Love

awake and listen
all of god’s children
for the fleeting rapture of joy
and the heavens confess
to joy and of bliss
but the moment of truth
lies hidden in shadow
for true evil it seems
is not just a dream
called forth from the ether of dusk
but molded to man
ever wan and unplanned
embroidered in his tarnished husk
now bring out hell’s choir
to chant to the pyre
of depravity spiraling ever higher
beware of this night
and stay hidden from sight
for lucifer’s love burns bright with desire
as all soon shall know
both above and below
that lilith’s lust unchained
shall bring earth its bane


2 thoughts on “A Fool’s Book of Wisdom

  1. Bernie: To distinguish a single voice from amidst the roar of the crowd
    is a moment of clarity unique in a life otherwise filled with useless noise.


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